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Bone Broth Soup - 1 litre

Bone Broth Soup - 1 litre

What makes bone broth so healing is the fact that the long cooking time helps break down the bones and connective tissue, resulting in a collagen and mineral rich broth that is easily digested and absorbed by your body. The high level of collagen found in bone broth aids your body in rebuilding and repairing connective tissue, such as joints, tendons, ligaments, bone, mucous membranes, and skin. Furthermore, bone broth fortifies the immune system during times of stress, cold, and flu, heals the digestive system, improves overall digestion, aids in weight-loss and detoxification, and helps the body recover from illness and surgery. 
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    This organic Bone Broth Soup is packed full of nutrition and healing herbs. Made with local organic beef or chicken bones, organic leeks, carrots, gou ji berries, astragalus root and salt. 1 liter, pressure canned. Reheat before drinking or making into your favorite soup.
    Use within 2 weeks after opening.
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